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Selling Items to Platform 785

Platform 785 actively buys in January and June.  However, Lisa is always willing to take a peek at what you have!  If you have items you wish to sell, the procedure is easy: 

•Fill out the contact form to the left to ask if we are currently interested in buying.  You will receive a response along with an email address for further information.  Once you get the response,

•  If you have less than 5 items, please photograph each item on a hanger, and any labels inside the garment and send them along with any description and history of the garments, and your asking price.  Please mention if firm or negotiable.

•  If you have more than 5 items, take a group photo of them spread out, and a photo of 1 or 2 individual items along with their labels.  Again, send with any description/history and your asking price (firm/negotiable).

If we are interested, we will make an appointment with you.

You MUST know what you want for the items - we can't decide if they fit our needs without knowing the price.  If you are looking for a written opinion of valuation, we charge 50.00 per lot (a lot is up to 25 items).

Items We Are NOT

Interested In


•Wedding and wedding party attire AFTER 1979

•Anything damaged or showing signs of excessive wear after 1950

•Anything after 1990 except concert tees, and couture

•Items which smell like smoke, mildew, pet urine or body odor

•Items with pit stains or other bodily fluids


We are not certified appraisers (yet!) but will be happy to do written opinions of valuations.  Whether your need is accepting of this or not, is up to you to determine.  If you find our service suffices, we do written opinions of valuations for 50.00 per lot (a lot is up to 25 items.)  Please contact us to make an appointment by emailing us and giving a description of your items:  approximately how many items, what are they, and what is the purpose that the valuation will be used for.  We can let you know our total fee and make an appointment.