Vintage Fashion Subscription Boxes

We offer subscription box services that can provide you with choices from extra bling and catchy accessories each month, or a whole new outfit.  Our Personal Stylist Service uses your preferences and our inventory to hand-select your box.

Themes change monthly - it could be Hollywood Glam one month, to Carol Brady another, or Janis Joplin to Jackie Kennedy.

Subscription box services use the answers to your preferences you provide along with the measurements you provide.  Also, you have the opportunity to tell us what NOT to include in your box.  For example, if you say, don't EVER include blue suede shoes, we'll save them for somebody else.

As always, vintage clothing is old and antique.  Don't expect perfect items - those are called Museum Quality, and are for sale separately when we have them.  Vintage clothing is based on vintage proportions - we try to match the measurements the best as we can, but be prepared to be eclectic, boho and different.  For these reasons, there are no returns.  If they don't work for you this month, they might next month when you pull them from your closet!  That's the fun thing about collecting vintage clothing, plus it's an investment.  But we can't accept returns or do exchanges.  More than likely we will never find another piece like that, so no, we don't have it in another size or color.

Choose one of the boxes, and you will receive a questionnaire from us to get the info we need to start putting your wardrobe refreshers together.  How fun!

The Dressing Table

A great little treasure box to give you or your wardrobe a lift.  Includes 1 piece of jewelry and 1 accessory.  Accessory can be anything from a lipstick case to a comb - but whatever it is, it will go along with your preferences and the other item.  Includes US Priority Mail.  29.95 per month.

The Hat Box

Always be royal! Top off your outfit with class, funk, boho or glam and a nice little piece of jewelry to go with it.  It may be a brooch for your coat or the hat, or even a pair of earrings.  Includes US Priority Mail.  39.95 per month.

Sweet Nothings

The Armoire

Surprise yourself every month with some beautiful Sweet Nothings... a nightie, a peignoir, a bed jacket, crinoline, slip, maybe even a bullet bra to enhance your best vintage dress.  A dainty little gift for yourself!  Includes US Priority Mail.  39.95 per month.

Whether you're a collector or a wearer, it's nice to get a new item for your armoire!  Get a dress, slacks, swimsuit, blouse, coat, who knows!!  All choices will be made based on your preferences.  Accompanying your garment will be an accessory, possibly jewelry, a bag, or another item which matches or compliments your garment.  Includes US Priority Mail.  49.95 per month.

Going Out

For the serious collector, or serious vintage fashionista!  Each month get a department-store sized box with a garment, piece of jewelry, AND accessory, all fitting your preferences and complimenting each other.  It could be a coat, brooch and handbag, or it could be a blouse, a scarf and a boho bag.  As always, your preferences help our private fashion stylist services make you a beautiful wardrobe box.  Includes US Priority Mail.  99.95 per month.